My 9 year old just asked me about the Mandela Effect. I was like, um, what? How do you know anything about that? Basically she described it as best she could without really knowing who Nelson Mandela was or much about the actual phenomenon. So, I explained who he was and gave her a super cursory overview of the concept, limited to the varied memories around Nelson Mandela’s death that sparked the term, and then the The Berenstein Bears/Berenstain Bears thing, because she’s 9 and knows the show. I stopped it there because omfg how do you explain a potential quantum shift in realities to a 9 year old? You don’t. Although this kid seems to know quite a bit.

So when I stumbled into this mind-fuck last year I was kinda freaked out. Here’s a pretty good run-down on the more obvious ones from Buzzfeed. That list doesn’t even get to the ones that fucked with my head. Okay, here goes…

The Lord’s Prayer. I know it by heart because it’s the first bit of prose I ever memorized as a kid. Here’s Melania Trump reciting the version you probably know. Now here’s what it looks like in my very own actual Bible, right off the shelf.


I’m sorry, what was that? Forgive us our debts? WTF?

Next, how many people were in the car with Kennedy when he was shot? I’ll give you a minute to think about it. Google it if you want if you aren’t sure. Unless you’re like me, and you fucking already know who was in the car with him. But then you do go and google it and I’ll be fucked if there aren’t 2 extra people in some giant fucking clown car.

Image result for kennedy assassination car

Only here’s what a replica in a museum shows…

Image result for kennedy assassination car

Image result for kennedy assassination car 4 seate

I don’t know what to make of all this, but some of it really makes you wonder.


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