Wow. What the holy hell? I’ve been safely nestled away in the land of Hobby Kids TV and Ryan’s Toy Review, I had no idea there was a corner of YouTube where it was acceptable to prank  bully your kids into hysterical fits of crying and then call it a “prank” so it’s okay somehow?

From what I can gather, pretty much solely based on this video, these kids live in some sort of YouTube-funded (pretty-nice-looking) house of horrors where they are constantly being either provoked or pranked in these random mindless situations, and the kids clearly don’t know when they’re being “pranked,” which can obviously lead to feeling insecure in your own home because you’re living with “adults” who at any moment might just be fucking with you to manufacture content.

I don’t have that kind of sense of humor, so I don’t get it. Anyone who finds making kids cry funny has problems. So these parents are finding support in the people who watch and enjoy their videos-obviously those people are going to support them, they have a similarly fucked up sense of humor. But to any outside observer with any empathy for these kids, there is something very wrong with the way these kids are being treated and being made to treat each other.

This family represents a unique and pretty new situation presented by our online, parenting-in-the-public-eye society. We can all sit back and judge this family, and in this case, it’s pretty easy. Kids are crying, the parents are oblivious to how heartless they appear, and it’s all online for us to see and react to. They put themselves in that situation purposefully, at least the parents, the kids don’t really have a choice.

We, as voyeurs, can merely watch and then voice our opinions about what we’re seeing. We are powerless to affect what we see happening. Especially in this case where the parents are unapologetic about what they do, even in the face of growing negative reactions. They state they have already been investigated by some sort of child protection agency, which I would tend to believe. Even though what I’ve seen is painful to watch, I don’t know that it warrants any official intervention by the government. These kids are unfortunately going to grow up in this type of lifestyle and have to overcome whatever emotional scars are left after being publicly humiliated, mocked and manhandled by each other.

I don’ know what’s sadder, that these parents find the way they treat their kids funny, or that so many people agree with them.


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